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We are Melbourne’s premium One Stop Shop for all Men’s Grooming needs, and the home of BROTOX. We have a built-in front-of-house bar and an outdoor garden, where you can relax and hang back with your complimentary beverage, whether it’s a beer, wine, coffee or tea. We cater to all your grooming needs from head to toe.

What makes us the ultimate place of Men’s Grooming in Melbourne? We offer everything you need from haircuts and colour, beard trim and shaves, IPL, SHR, waxing and facials. On top of that, we have our own Medispa! Here we provide cosmetic injectables for all your anti-ageing needs, including “Brotox” and dermal fillers. We also offer a range of advanced facial services. Our Brotox services are delivered at a consistently high level by our certified medical staff (registered nurse and specialist surgeon) to achieve great results every time.

Each services is individually tailored to ensure that when you step out of Man Oh Man, you are satisfied and you feel confident in your style. We believe that when you look good, you feel good.

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