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Mango Soothing Afterwax Lotion 250ml


Mango Soothing Afterwax Lotion 250ml


Massage into the skin, as required. This invigorating non-greasy lotion absorbs rapidly for an instant moisturising and toning effect.



A dual active formula that removes wax residue post waxing as well as calming and soothing the skin. The natural astringent Witch Hazel prevents the formation of ingrown hairs and pustules. Enriched with Vitamins A and E, this non-greasy treatment nourishes the skin and corrects daily damage, resulting in a smooth and revitalised appearance. An essential companion to the Caronlab waxing range.

  • An ideal post wax moisturiser
  • Enriched in Vitamins A and E to aid in the soothing, calming and stimulation of the skin
  • Non-greasy formula nourishes to correct daily damage
  • Purifies the skin with anti-bacterial properties
  • Ideal for nail technicians and beauty therapist


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