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Snakes and snipers protect and resurrect


Snakes and snipers protect and resurrect


Take care of your tattoos with Protect & Resurrect. Used regularly, it enhances the appearance of existing tattoos, and can help prevent new ones from fading.

A good tattoo is for life. But as your skin changes, so can the appearance of your tattoos. Exposure to sunlight, aging, wrinkles, over time they can all have an effect on the clarity and colour of your tattoos. That’s why we developed Protect & Resurrect, a gentle lotion specially designed for people with tattooed skin.



Protect & Resurrect is crafted from peptides, as found in snake venom, and all-natural ingredients. Used regularly, the non-greasy formula helps enhance the clarity of existing tattoos, and works hard to prevent new ones from fading.

Here’s how it works:

  • The peptides relax skin tissue, helping restore elasticity and reduce the harshness of wrinkles.
  • Natural oils and polymers create a depth of shine, while plant extracts combat free-radicals, helping protect skin from photo-aging.
  • A sustainable pine-oil polymer refracts light within skin, which can make the details of tattoos appear more defined.
  • SPF 15+ UVB and UVA Broad Spectrum absorbers help defend tattooed skin from harmful UV rays.


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