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We are Melbourne’s specialist in men’s waxing and hair removal. If you’re looking for men’s waxing in Melbourne, then this is where you need to go. We specialise in waxing for men including men’s brazilian (Brozilian). We have highly skilled male and female therapists offering all waxing services. Come see why we are rated as one of the best provider of men’s waxing in Melbourne!

Short on time? Contact us and we can arrange to have two therapists provide your waxing needs to save on time.

Mono Brow (Middle Only) (15 mins)$25
Eyebrow (30 mins)$35
Nose (15 mins)$20
Ears (15 mins)$20
Nose + Ears (15 mins)$32
Ears + Nose + Eyebrow (30 mins)$42
Cheeks Face (15 mins)$30
Eyebrow + Nose (30 mins)$45
Neck (15 mins)$22
Neck + Shoulders (15 mins)$40
Upper/Lower Back (15 mins)$40
Back + Neck + Shoulders (30 mins)$65
Chest/Stomach (15 mins)$40
Chest + Stomach (30 mins)$65
Underarm (15 mins)$28
Full Arm (30 mins)$55
Half Arm (15 mins)$37
Full Leg + Speedo (45 mins)$82
Half Leg (30 mins)$50
Speedo (15 mins)$30
Buttocks Cheeks + Inner (30 mins)$59
Buttocks Cheeks Only (15 mins)$40
Brozilian Including Buttocks (45 mins)$95
Brozilian Excluding Buttocks (30 mins)$75
Full Body Including Brozilian (150 mins)$335
Full Body Excluding Brozilian (120 mins)$250
Small Patch (From)$15
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This is not a goodbye, It’s see you soon!
Due to COVID-19 government restrictions we will be closing our beauty services indefinitely. We will also be closing our hairdressing services at close of business on Saturday 28th March 2020 until further notice. It has been a difficult decision, but we feel that this is the right thing to do for our community.   We would like to say thank you for your ongoing support and hope you all stay safe and well during these uncertain times.
  • Should you need to contact us, please feel free to email on info@manohman.com.au
  • From Youm and the Man Oh Man crew